We are on hand to help self-employed business owners to get on the property ladder. Although it may be harder for self-employed people to prove their suitability for a mortgage – it is by no means impossible. We will walk you through the process and explain how a compelling case can be put forward for people who are self-employed and looking for a new home.

The Challenges of a Self-Employed Mortgage

Even the most successful self-employed workers may find it more difficult to get a mortgage compared with employees of a company. Common challenges our clients face are a limited trading history; variable profits as the business grows or reinvests in itself or because of unprecedented events like COVID 19.

How We Overcome These Challenges

Our knowledge of the market and established relationships means we understand which lenders can take a flexible approach. Our experience and expertise allows us to compose a compelling case for why you are suitable for a mortgage.

Why Choose Us?

We have already advised and helped self-employed professionals to get the property they deserve. With a proven record and stellar reviews, why not speak with us today and find out more about our mortgage services.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your property aspirations as a self-employed worker.