When it comes to high value mortgages, where lender conditions and rates can be more flexible, looking to high street lenders may not be the best solution as they do not typically have the experience in underwriting them.

One of the challenges faced when purchasing premium property can be the restrictions imposed by many lenders with regard to the maximum loan to value available. For this reason, it is crucial you have a mortgage broker who can help you to structure your debt in the correct way and assist you in choosing a lender who specialises in mortgages in excess of £1m.

We can use such things as personal pension and stock portfolio to negotiate the best possible lending terms for your circumstances.

If you are looking for a high value mortgage, even if your circumstances are complex, contact us today. Our experience, expertise and established relationships mean we are well placed to approach key lenders to secure the right solution for you, including those not found on the high street.