If you are a British Expatriate living and working outside of the UK and looking to buy a UK property, finding a mortgage solution may seem quite difficult. Expat mortgages are getting tougher to obtain as UK banks continue to tighten the borrowing requirements meaning that specialist assistance is often required to be able to secure an expat mortgage to buy a UK property. Typically, you should expect to fully prove your income, whether you are seeking to purchase an investment property (i.e. buy-to-let) or a property for you or your family to live in.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the provision of mortgages for expatriates. We can offer a tailored, personal service based on many years of combined experience in the mortgage market.

We have access to products which consumers aren't aware of and therefore can present a wider range of options for you. This ensures that you not only have the right kind of mortgage for your circumstances but also a mortgage at the best rates from the best lender based on your personal situation and requirements.

We work with lenders who can underwrite an expat mortgage based on an individual’s personal circumstances, so the fact that you may have left the UK some time ago or have no current credit record here will not be a barrier.

We can help you finance the following types of Expat mortgage in the UK:

  • New Purchase
  • Refinance/ Remortgage
  • Equity Release
  • Buy to Let
  • Let to Buy
  • Holiday Homes

If you would like to know more about expat mortgages or would like to discuss your options further get in touch. Based in London, we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in helping expatriates find the ideal mortgage solution.