Getting a mortgage with a complex income can be tricky because each lender will calculate your income in a different way and some lenders may not include parts of your income where others would. If you have a complex income structure, it is best to take advice from an expert mortgage broker who will carry out a thorough fact find and present you with potential options.

A few examples of our areas of expertise include partner drawings from an LLP, foreign income, multiple income sources, global business, complicated company structure and investments, amongst others.

We work with lenders who are willing to look at individuals with complex incomes from multiple sources such as company dividends, rental yields, bonuses, commission and investment interest.

Our knowledge of the market and established relationships means we understand which lenders to approach. Our experience and expertise allow us to compose a compelling case for why you are suitable for a mortgage.

To find out how we can help you secure a mortgage, regardless of your circumstances, get in touch with us today.