Limited Company Mortgages require specialist lenders as the structure of these loans can be complicated. We are well versed in dealing with this product and are able to offer mortgage assistance for those buying rental properties through a limited company.

Who Is a Limited Company Mortgage for?

Landlords who own more than one property may find tax benefits by operating their buy-to-let property portfolio through a limited company. These property investment companies are known as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) and lenders have developed specific products for this specialist lending. Anyone choosing to buy property through a limited company will require this type of mortgage.

Our SPV Mortgage Services

We offer limited company mortgage advice and brokerage for those considering a SPV Mortgage for:

  • Selling your current property to your limited company
  • Remortgaging a property within an SPV
  • Buying high-risk property through your company (e.g. above a shop)
  • Expats looking to purchase and remortgage through their limited company

Through our SPV mortgage advice and services, we can help you locate the right deal and assist with complex matters regarding your SPV company and property. Contact us to hear more about limited company mortgages and how we can assist you.